Using a proven chiropractic-centered wellness program, we create a customized approach to help your body experience sustained vitality, growth, strength and abundance. 

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Chiropractic & Wellness 

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. At HFC, we create a personal care program that helps your body sustain optimal function needed for lifelong wellness.

Chiropractic care is scientifically proven to provide lasting positive affects on the body. By restoring proper alignment to the spine, the brain and nervous system, muscles, tendons and ligaments, organs and circulatory system can function optimally – preventing pain, illness and disease – naturally.

We are passionate about helping the whole family achieve greater health and happiness through chiropractic-centered wellness.

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The Essentials Workshops

Through a unique program of FREE Essentials Workshops each Tuesday evening, we help you learn simple and effective methods to achieve abundant health. 

To be well, we must move well. Our bodies have vital genetic needs for various types of movement in order to maintain strength and flexibility, and to resist illness and injury. 

Similarly, what we think about and thank about, we bring about. Our thoughts play a vital role in our health and well being – optimism, gratitude, love, forgiveness, tolerance, positive self-talk, patience and altruistic values lead us on a path of mindful living with immeasurable positive results for our health.

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Immune Support & Nutrition

When the immune system is strong, we feel better, sleep better, experience greater joy and happiness, experience less pain, and resist illness and disease.

At HFC, we’ll teach you simple but vital shifts in behavior, nutrition and supplementation that will deliver powerful results for your immune system. We’ll also help you unlearn destructive lifestyle and food habits, and help you establish new healthy habits to restore your health. Our mission is to give you the keys to unlock prolonged health and empower you to be the master of your health journey.

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HFC Flu Prevention


Holistic Family Chiropractic (HFC) physicians Dr. Nathan Sikora and Dr. Michael James have developed a unique and effective flu prevention program following years of research of influenza (flu) and today’s flu vaccine.

This proven 3-Step program is safe, easy, affordable and effective, and includes an immune system protocol to maximize immune function, and balance the body’s histamine levels.