HFC Physicians Achieve Certification in Postural Neurology


Holistic Family Chiropractic (HFC) physicians Dr. Nathan Sikora and Dr. Michael James have achieved certification as postural neurologists. Postural neurology is the study of the posture system, as well as brain-based posture analysis and postural correction.

“Our practice is centered around family wellness,” Dr. Nathan Sikora said. “We are seeing the negative impacts of poor posture habits among all ages now, including increasingly younger children, and we want to help change that.”

“Evaluating aspects of pain and wellness related to postural health is more important than ever given the overuse of smartphones, laptops and other technology that put incredible stress on the neck, and upper body,” Dr. Sikora continued. “Frequent and extended ‘tech neck’ posture affects everything, including brain function. Tech-related postural de-evolution leads to a host of issues, including what’s now called digital dementia.”

“These kinds of issues are going to get worse before they get better, and we want to be prepared professionally to help our patients address, correct and prevent potential neurological, emotional and physical symptoms associated with postural changes,” said Dr. Michael James. “This specialized education will help us do that."

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