Tech Neck and Digital Dementia - Chiropractic Addresses Growing Health Crisis


Did you know that “tech neck” is a growing health crisis?

Teck neck - the combination of a downward-facing head position and slouched posture - negatively impacts health causing everything from chronic headaches and migraines to digital dementia.

Why? Posture controls everything from breathing to thinking, from hormone production to homeostasis. And, the average person checks their mobile device 150 times per day.


Digital Dementia is a result of decreased brain function, and it now affects the very young: 70 percent of 12-year olds use a mobile phone (close to 90 percent by the age of 14 according to a 2016 study.)

Digital Dementia results when the occipital lobe suffers persistent visual stimuli. While seated without movement, the occipital lobe is overwhelmed with visual stimuli from a technology screen. But, the higher order lobes of the brain that process complex thought, decision-making, learning, and movement are inactive.

This can cause a sensory disassociation with the frontal lobe, impacting language, reading, and social development. Under stimulation of the frontal lobe can result in learning deficits and affect motor skills. This is a significant concern for growing children.


  • Depression

  • Anger

  • ADD / ADHD

  • Cognitive decline

  • Loss of concentration

  • Loss of coordination 


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